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Compassionate care during your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Specializing in Home Birth

Dania Shelton, LM, CPM

Birth is a sacred event in a family's life. My goal is to give loving care in this pivotal time of your life.

Birth is a sacred event in a family's life. My goal is to give loving care in this pivotal time of your life.

Providing prenatal, delivery, postpartum, home birth and doula services in Nevada County, Butte County, Sierra County, Yuba County, Placer County, and Sacramento County. Including the cities/towns of Grass Valley, Nevada City, Auburn, Roseville, Lincoln, Sacramento, Marysville, Yuba City, Oroville, and Chico.


I provide complete prenatal, delivery, and post partum care utilizing the midwifery model of care. I provide you and your family the support and tools you need to begin this new chapter. Services

What Is a the Midwifery Model of care?

The midwifery model of care is woman centered care. Midwives believe and trust in Birth as a natural healthy physiological process.


Our Location

Conveniently located in down town Grass Valley , Ca. in the historic Alpha Building. 204 West Main St. Suite #118.

Telephone 530-559-0328 / Fax 888-464-7958

Every midwife knows

That not until a mother's womb

softens from the pain of labour

will a way unfold

and the infant find that opening to be born.

Oh Friend!

There is a treasure in your heart,

It is heavy with child.


all the awakened ones,

like trusted midwives are saying,

"welcome the pain."

It opens the dark passage of Grace.



Why Homebirth?

"Being able to have my daughter in my own home, to move and be where I felt comfortable, and to have a midwife like Dania, someone in whom I not only had unshakable confidence, but also a friendship, was an experience I will cherish forever. "


Dania Shelton is the midwife of the Century!

“Throughout my entire pregnancy she was my rock. She helped keep me grounded when I wanted to fly and kept me going when I was about to give up. She did so much more than deliver my son. She was there for my family and even helped me get rid of the people I did not want at my birth. My husband and I were able to communicate our fears and our wishes. Dania went beyond our expectations as a midwife. I had a very long, intense labor and it was Dania that kept me going. She was patient with my body and my family! We watched the sun come up and go down and she never once left my side. Giving birth was not easy. She never made me believe it would be, but she assured me that my body could and would do it, naturally. And it did. Noah Spruce was 10lbs 5 ounces. Pushing him out was the hardest thing I have ever done, but we did it. It’s so important to have a good birth team. Mine was small , like I wanted and I am so grateful for everyone that was there. Thank you Dania for listening to us and supporting us through it all.”-Melanie


“The greatest joy is to become a mother; The second greatest is to be a midwife”

-Norwegian proverb

This is baby Lyla with a monster squash her mother, Rachel, grew.